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Persembahan Hati Dari Jiwa Seorang Petualang


Telkom East Surabaya company has implemented Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) technology to DLC SDH Ringloop Huawei-Honet telecommunication equipment in Rungkut area. This equipment uses Local Area Network (LAN) based application to monitor and finish customers trouble named Network Management System (NMS).

Its’ wide range, great quantity of equipment cabinet and only few Telkom MFRAN (Maintenance Fiber and Radio) employees who can operate this equipment made the trouble frequently postponed because it has to wait for the technician. The main factor is because there is no manual book, structure to arrange the equipment, how to operate NMS, and how to fix the trouble details in Huawei equipment.

The method used is by directly go to the field and fix the trouble. The first step is by collecting literature both from manual books and the internet. The second step is by observing and directly practicing to fix DLC Huawei-Honet equipment’s trouble.

This last project result in a kind of manual procedure in handling trouble based on the writer’s experience in the field from the kinds of the trouble, and the way to handle the trouble using NMS until direct handling in the field. The result of this project is that all of MFRAN employees can handle the customers’ trouble well either by using NMS or by directly go to the field.

Key word: DLC, SDH, NMS, LAN, Huawei-Honet


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